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A Not-So-Mini Milestone - Disney's Minnie Van Service Transports 1 Million Guests!

In 2017, Disney launched their Minnie Van service as another transportation option at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. In addition to monorails, Disney buses, and ferries, you can now ride in style in one of Disney's Minnie Vans. In fact - Disney just announced that over 1,000,000 guests have officially used the Minnie Van service.

A great transportation otpion
Minnie Van Fleet

That's because their cute, convenient and... okay. There's a catch. There is a cost. Disney has partnered with the ride-share app Lyft and their rates are now based on distance traveled instead of a flat $25 fee like it was last year. Still, I would highly recommend factoring in a few Minnie Van rides into your trip. And here's why.

Have you ever been at the Magic Kingdom, right after the fireworks have ended. You're filled with all sorts of dreamy Disney magic as your family all turns to you - faces beaming. Ahhh... now it's time to leave the park. Suddenly you've entered some kind of Main Street cattle chute with tens of thousands of other people trying to leave the park. You've got strollers stopping randomly, a family of 20 people cut you off, your kid is crying for popcorn and you just want to get on the monorail to go back to your hotel.... except there's a huge line! The buses are packed, the ferry if full. Imagine that with a few touches on your phone - you're very own personal transportation shows up... ready and waiting just for you. It's quiet, and there's air-conditioning. The friendly and knowledgeable cast member helps load up strollers, installs the car seats and you're off before the next monorail has left the station!

Disney's Minnie Van

They even have wheelchair accessible Minnie Vans for no additional costs.

Wheelchair accessible Minnie Vans

We used it several times on our last trip because my mother in law was in an ECV (motorized wheelchair) and it was just easier for her to travel this way. Not only did we avoid major crowds during busy times, but the cast members were all so friendly and shared all sorts of Disney facts, trivia, park updates... it was great. Note: All Minnie Vans are driven by highly trained Disney Cast Members - not just standard Lyft drivers.

So - join the 1,000,000 of us and try a Minnie Van! If you book a vacation with Magical Traveling, we'll gladly help you with figuring out how to get the best bang for your bug when it comes to this transportation option!

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