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A Review: Toy Story 4 - another one?

I'll be honest... when I heard about Toy Story 4 being released - I was less than thrilled. I mean... how many sequels does one movie need? However - my general rule of thumb for Pixar - the less I WANT to see something - the more I love the movie when I do see it. (Example - I thought Pixar's "Up" was going to be boring and awful... I STILL can't watch it without tissues!) So - I knew that Toy Story 4 was going to be good - despite my reservations.

Well, Matt and I took our 4 year old daughter, Isabel to see the movie and here's my official review:

It was SO good you guys!!

* * * * *

And I think my reservations were because I was worried it would be too "final" and too sad. But it wasn't! It left me feeling happy for everyone - even the bad guy, or gal?!

The characters I thought I'd hate (plush Ducky and Bunny) were surprisingly charming and funny, and we got to see a different side of a toy's story, if you will. Particularly - the lost toys (side note, I wish Giggle McDimple got a little more scream time).

Buzz, Ducky and Woody in Toy Story 4
Ducky and Bunny take on Buzz Lightyear

No spoilers but the basic premise is that Bonnie makes a new friend on her first day of kindergarten. Like... created a new friend - named Forky.

Toy Stoyr 4
Woody introduces Forky to the gang!

As Woody does, he cares for Forky because Forky is important to Bonnie - their kid. But when Forky gets lost, he goes on an adventure to save him - for Bonnie. He meets old friends along the way and encounters some questionable toys in an antique shop. I'm not going to lie... there are some down right night-marish moments for adults but my 4 year old was unfazed. You'll know what I mean when you see these guys.

Toy Story 4
Toy Story 4 Thugs

Everyone works together to save a few toys along the way (the toys and the RV had me laughing out loud!) and in the end, everyone is where they should be. I wasn't sad. Yes, I teared up at parts because I'm human, but more or less they were happy tears. Once again - Pixar hits it out of the park makes you feel feelings about toys... and, trash, and bad guys. So many emotions! But go see it. Seriously.

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