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Age is Just a Number

So when you're thinking of planning a Disney vacation - one of the questions that inevitably will come up is - "what's the best age for kids to go?"

The truth of the matter is that only you can know what will work best for your family and there are so many factors to consider. Do you want them to be out of diapers, no longer bottle or breastfeeding, tall enough to go on every ride, able to walk the whole day without a stroller... There's pros and cons to every scenario and we'd love to help you talk through some of your worries and concerns for your vacation. BUT... the ONE excuse I'll take issue with is this: "but they'll be too young to remember."

I get it. We work hard to afford vacations for our families and we want them to remember all the good times but this vacation is for you as much as it is for them. And I'm telling you from personal experience - there is major Disney MAGIC that happens when these babies and toddlers go on a Disney Vacation!

Our daughter Isabel was 13 months old when we took her to Walt Disney World for the first time. Up to that point she was the fastest little crawler I'd ever seen. She was happy and content with that mode of self-transport and showed no interest in changing. Until... Day 1, Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA. Right by the flag appears Minnie Mouse. We quickly got in line to introduce Isabel to Disney royalty. When it was our turn - our PhotoPass photographer was ready, my husband was recording and as I put my sweet girl down, she took her VERY FIRST STEPS to greet Minnie Mouse!

You guys!!! I will forever remember and cherish this moment thanks to cell phones and Memory Maker and deciding that it's never too early to go to Disney!

Another memorable moment was our next family trip a year later. It was Isabel's first hair cut at the Harmony Barbershop - again on Mainstreet USA at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I have the keepsake certificate and the "My First Haircut" ears and it was so fun! Thankfully she sat perfectly still with the help of a few glowing and spinning Disney toys and lots of Mickey stickers. But it was great.

My First Haircut

Now I've had the opportunity to take our youngest daughter. Last year we went in September and Katie was almost 6 months old. I found that taking a baby was easy. I utilized the AMAZING baby care centers, found lots of shade and enjoyed rides and shows throughout our trip. We had a few great stroller hacks to help with the heat so she napped great. The only 'negative' of that trip was we had one meal at Liberty Tree Tavern that I pretty much missed entirely due to a not-so-happy baby. But that can happen anywhere and anytime - right moms!?! And I was the ONLY person she wanted so... you do what you gotta do.

And we got to capture some fun photos along the way as well.

And as if you needed another reason to take the young ones to Disney... the best part is - THEY'RE FREE!! No ticket price. And kids eat free when you go to any Disney buffets or family-style restaurants.

The bottom line is - the best time to go a Disney vacation is (in my humble opinion) as soon as you can. There will be obstacles with any and every age. (Have you tried getting your teenage kid to smile and pose with the family recently??). Take them when their young, and save up so you can take them when their a little older - there are new and wonderful things to experience at every stage and you don't want to miss out on any of them just because THEY won't remember. Trust me when I say that You. Will.

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